Technical Information & News

[Cationic dyes] Color fastness to natural sunlight
[Cationic dyes] Embrittlement of CDP fibers due to CDP dyeing conditions
[Reactive dyes] Kayacion CF-COMJ color fastness to natural sunlight
[Reactive dyes] Kayacion E-CG series for vivid green dyeing
[Reactive dyes] Poor light fastness despite using high light and perspiration light fastness dyes
[Disperse dyes] Additional light fastness results of KP 5L-SF 200 and KM 6L-SF
[Reactive dyes] Kayacelon React new trichromatic colors
[Reactive dyes] Kayacion Brown CF-4R 150 and Grey CF-2B 150
[Disperse dyes] KP 5L-SF 200 and KM 6L-SF technical information
[Disperse dyes] Sublimation and thermo-bleed in relation to rubbing fastness issues of Polyester
[Reactive dyes] Wet Rubbing fastness issues of cellulosic fibers
[Reactive dyes] Topping dye with Kayacelon React
[Reactive dyes] Introduction to Kayacelon React
[Disperse dyes] KP 5L-SF 200 and KM 6L-SF
[Cationic dyes] Effect of flame retardant agent on KAC ED dyes
[Blends dyeing] One bath dyeing of Polyester_Cellulose at 110C with Kayacelon React
[Reactive dyes] Moisture Absorption of dyestuff
[Acid dyes] Dyeing of NylonPolyurethane blended fabrics
[Cationic dyes] Black for dyeing CDP (KAC Black HF-ED)
[Cationic dyes] Light fastness issues of pale shade dyed CDP

Message from Managing Director

NIPPON KAYAKU (THAILAND) CO., LTD. (NKTH) was established in 2018 to sell Nippon Kayaku Group products focusing on dyes for textiles to ASEAN and South Asia.

NKTH has set up Technical Service Center in Samutprakarn, Thailand and offered our technical services of dyes not only to the customers in Thailand but also to global customers in ASEAN and South Asia.

The business of Nippon Kayaku in dyestuffs has been well-established and has a long history. Our mission is to keep on continuously providing society with our best products and services through ceaseless progress and the combined forces of our consciences.

tetsuya tomita
Tetsuya Tomita
Managing Director of

Enterprise Philosophy

"Continuously providing society with the best products through ceaseless progress and the combined forces of our consciences." is the Nippon Kayaku Group's KAYAKU spirit. For the Nippon Kayaku Group, CSR-based management means an imaging to realize the KAYAKU spirit and being a "good and strong company" to fulfill our social, economic and environmental responsibility.

Business of Nippon Kayaku



    We offer sustainable solutions in energy conservation and the environmental fields. We developed products that incorporate proprietary materials and technologies from our core resins, colorants, and catalysts technologies. These products are used especially in the field of electronics which are the quick-changing markets.


    Nippon Kayaku is furthering our efforts into the areas of biosimilar products, generic anti-cancer drugs, as well as interventional radiology (IVR) so that we can continue to provide highly necessary pharmaceuticals and medical devices for patients along with exceptionally reliable information to the medical institutions.


    Nippon Kayaku has a long history in the development and manufacturing of explosives and pyrotechnic devices. Together with a wide range of technologies, like original automobile airbag inflators, micro gas generators that tighten seatbelts in the event of a collision, and ignition devices called squibs that are a key component of these.


    Supporting agricultural development and production of high-quality food. Nippon Kayaku has been developing, manufacturing, and selling the agrochemicals (pesticides, herbicides, and soil fumigants) that are essential for maintaining a stable supply of food, the pesticides for killing insanitary insects, etc.

NKTH Dye Products

  • Reproducibility

    We provide dyes with excellent reproducibility between laboratory and production that allows for achievement of more accurate and precise dyeing.
  • One-bath dyeing

    We have a diverse range of dyes that can shorten the process time by processing various materials with one-bath dyeing.
  • Eco-friendly

    We have environmentally friendly dye lineups that will enable your factory to reduce as much environmental load as possible.

NKTH Product List


    Disperse Dye
    Kayalon Microester: For polyester & new synthetic fibers dyeing.
    Kayacelon E: For polyester / cellulose blend dyeing.
    Kayalon Polyester UT: For polyester / polyurethane blend dyeing.
    Kayalon Polyester: For automobiles(ultra high light-fastness) dyeing and regular disperse dyes


    Kayacelon React: For one-bath dyeing.
    Kayacion CF-COM, COMW: For 60℃ dyeing. Excellent reproducibility.
    Kayacion PL-COM, Kayacion CF-L: High light fastness. For 60℃ dyeing.
    Kayacion CF: For 60℃ dyeing.
    Kayacion DH: For 60℃ dyeing of medium to deep colours.
    Kayacion E-CG: Brilliant green for 80℃ dyeing.
    Kayacion E: For 85℃ dyeing. Good after silk treatment.
    Kayacion P: For continuous dyeing and printing.


    Cationic Dye
    Kayacryl ED: Dispersed cationic dyes. For acrylics and cationic dyeable polyester dyeing.
    Kayacryl: Regular cationic dyes.


    Direct Dye
    Kayarus: For cellulose dyeing. rayon, tencel and modal dyeing.
    Kayacelon-C: Good fastness. For one-bath dyeing of polyester/cotton blend.


    Acid Dye
    Kayanol: Half-milling dyes. Good leveling property.
    Kayanol Milling: Milling dyes. Good wet fastness.
    Kayakalan and Kayalax: Metal-complex dyes. Good light and wet fastness.

  • Auxiliaries

    Auxiliaries used in the processing of various fibers
    -pH control agent:
    Kayaku Buffer P-7, Kayaslide PH-509, Kayaku Buffer NFP
    -Polyester Alkali dyeing aids:
    Kayaku Buffer TRA 115
    -Dispersing and Levelling agent for Cationic dyes:
    Kayaclean KFS
    -Reproducibility improvement agent for Reactive dyes:
    Kayatector E

Technical Information & News Summary

Technical Data Sheet

Disperse Reactive Cationic
KP Yellow BRL-S 200 Kayacelon React Yellow CN-4G Kayacryl Brilliant Flavine 10G-ED
KP Red 3BL-S 200 Kayacelon React Yellow CN-ML Kayacryl Yellow 7GL-ED 67
KP Blue GL-SF 200 Kayacelon React Yellow CN-EX Kayacryl Yellow 3GS-ED
KP Blue BD-S conc Kayacelon React Yellow CN-EL Kayacryl Yellow 3RL-ED
KP Navy Blue TKN-SF 200 Kayacelon React Red CN-3B Kayacryl Golden Yellow GL-ED
KP Navy Blue RV-SF 200 Kayacelon React Blue CN-BL Kayacryl Red GL-ED
KP Black RV-SF 300 Kayacelon React Blue CN-MG Kayacryl Red GRL-ED
KP Yellow UT-4G Kayacelon React Dark Blue CN-R Kayacryl Rhodamine BL-ED
KP Yellow UT-YA Kayacelon React Turquoise CN-2G Kayacryl Brilliant Pink B-ED 91
KP Red UT-2B Kayacelon React Brown CN-AL Kayacryl Blue 2RL-ED
KP Red UT-YA Kayacelon React Brown CN-4R Kayacryl Blue FP-ED
KP Blue UT-YA Kayacelon React Grey CN-2B Kayacryl Blue GSL-ED
KP Black UT-RN 90 Kayacion Brill. Blue CF-R 150 Kayacryl Blue BG-ED(N)
Disperse Navy Blue UT-GF Kayacion Brown CF-4R 150 Kayacryl Blue TL-ED
Disperse Black UT-GF Kayacion Grey CF-2B 150 Kayacryl Blue GTL-ED(T)
KM Yellow AQ-LE Kayacion Yellow CF-COM Kayacryl Blue 5G-ED
KM Red AQ-LE Kayacion Red CF-COM Kayacryl Light Blue 4GSL-ED
KM Blue AQ-LE Kayacion Red CF-COM 33 Kayacryl Navy A-ED 83
KP Yellow FAL Kayacion Red CF-COMS Kayacryl Navy RP-ED(N)
KP Red FAL Kayacion Blue CF-COM Kayacryl Black R-ED
KP Blue FAL Kayacion Navy CF-COM Kayacryl Black BS-ED
KP Yellow KFL Kayacion Yellow PL-COM Kayacryl Black MR-ED(N)
KP Red KFL Kayacion Red PL-COM Kayacryl Black MG-ED(N)
KP Blue KFL Kayacion Blue PL-COM Kayacryl Black HF-ED
KP Yellow AL Kayacion Lemon E-CG Cationic Black BS-112D
KP Red AL(W) Kayacion Turquoise E-CG Cationic Yellow CA
KP Blue AL(N) Kayacion Blue E-CG Cationic Red CA
KP Black AL 167 Kayacion Yellow E-LE conc Cationic Blue CA
KP Black MPL conc Kayacion Magenta E-LE conc Cationic Black CA
KP Black FAL 167 Kayacion Marine E-LE conc
Disperse Yellow ST
Disperse Red ST
Disperse Blue ST
Disperse Yellow ML-6
Disperse Red ML-4
Disperse Red ML-4(M)
Disperse Blue ML-8
Disperse Black ML-10
Disperse Black STN
Disperse Black AWL(J)
Disperse Red HBS


NIPPON KAYAKU (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Head office
13th Floor, Ramaland building, 952 Rama IV Rd., Suriyawongse, Bangrak, Bangkok 10500, Thailand

Representative: Mr.Tetsuya Tomita, Managing Director

Foundation: 20th February 2018
Number of Employees: 7 (Office 4, Laboratory 3)
Capital: 10,000,000 THB
Earning: 400,354,427.90 THB (2019)
Major Shareholder: NIPPON KAYAKU CO., LTD. (99.8%)
Fiscal Year: April 1 to March 31

Business Category: Import and sale of chemical products
BOI Certificate: ITC(61-0728-1-00-0-0)

Technical Service Center
Bangpoo Industrial Estate 822 Moo 4 Soi 13B, Pattana 1 Rd., Prakkasa, Muang, Samutprakarn 10280, Thailand

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